Introducing BonusBlock: Revolutionizing On-Chain Marketplace Dynamics

Acong Hok
4 min readMay 7, 2024

In a significant stride towards the future of blockchain-based commerce, BonusBlock has announced the launch of the first-ever on-chain marketplace. This groundbreaking platform offers users the opportunity to engage in on-chain activities and earn fees while seamlessly connecting with projects seeking acquisition. The recent unveiling of their updated website ( heralds a new era of transparent, accessible, and verifiable interactions within the Web3 ecosystem.

The primary objective of BonusBlock is to empower Web3 enthusiasts to monetize their participation in on-chain tasks. The platform’s innovative model allows users to earn fees directly from project acquisitions, all while ensuring simplicity, credibility, and trust through blockchain technology.

The entry point for users is now more inclusive than ever, with the first on-chain task opening its doors to 2000 users without stringent quality level requirements. To begin earning fees from project acquisitions, users are invited to stake a minimum of $75 using the #BONUS token.

Let’s delve into the key components that define the BonusBlock experience:

  1. Stake #BONUS, Earn Rewards Users can earn a significant share (ranging from 60% to 90%) of fees when a project acquires them. The percentage share is determined by the amount of #BONUS staked — starting from $75 for a 50% share, increasing up to 90% with a stake of $2075 or more.

2. Participate in Time-Lock Contracts Early participation and higher stakes yield more points in the Reward Pool, currently stocked with 12,000 #BONUS tokens. After 4 weeks, all assets, including rewards, become claimable.


3. White-Label Solutions Projects looking to utilize BonusBlock’s services must acquire a minimum of $15,000 worth of #BONUS, unlocking benefits like free maintenance, support, and hosting.

4. Direct Project Acquisition BonusBlock enables projects to autonomously select user quality levels, specify acquisition parameters, budgets, and task durations — all directly on-chain. If users fail to meet the specified tasks, no fees are paid.

5. Token Buybacks Each acquisition and white-label deal triggers significant #BONUS token buybacks — 2.5% for acquisitions and 25% on average for white-label agreements.


6. Community Engagement Users can stake #BONUS tokens to earn XP (Experience Points) and access the Community Access Pool at discounted rates, facilitating active participation and growth within the platform.


7. Influencer Engagement BonusBlock is developing tools to gauge influencer impact on on-chain activities, offering direct acquisition opportunities to recognized traders.


8. Profile Management and Referrals Users can manage profiles, track performance statistics, and leverage referral links to earn a share of future acquisition fees from referred users.


9. AI Wallet Scoring BonusBlock’s AI-driven Wallet Scoring analyzes user wallets every 30 days, rewarding active and valuable participants with higher quality levels and enhanced opportunities.


BonusBlock is also set to introduce “Spotlightt,” a dedicated section where top-quality users can promote themselves to attract selective project onboarding.

As BonusBlock evolves rapidly, users are encouraged to stay tuned for frequent marketplace updates and enhancements. With its commitment to transparency, user empowerment, and blockchain innovation, BonusBlock is poised to redefine the landscape of on-chain marketplaces and elevate user engagement within the Web3 ecosystem. Unlock your potential with BonusBlock today!